Shipping and return policies for DEAD MOON RECORDS

Shipping Info
We usually ship flat rate world wide. If you have a specific method you prefer, please contact us before ordering to let us know and we will give you specific estimates on cost. If it is a large order we can usually get by cheaper with media mail. Otherwise we ship flat rate parcel post.

If in the USA a flat rate of $3.00 USD per item plus .50 with each additional item.

Canadians pay a flat rate of $5.00 USD and $1.00 each additional item.

Worldwide Flat rate of $6.00 USD and $2.00 each additional item.

Please contact us with questions.
Return Policy
If you have purchased a defective, broke, or your item never made it to you. Please let us know so we can help you resolve the issue. We will provide an address for return shipping by email. We are happy to work with you to resolve the problem.

We can be reached at deadmoonrecords@gmail(dot)com